How to Join

When we have membership places available they can be purchased from the Archery page on the Loughborough Sport website. To join you will need to log in with your university credentials, and add club membership to your basket. When you reach the checkout you will also need to purchase membership to the Athletic Union (if you do not already have it).

Please note that we have no more Beginner Membership places available for 2023/24.

Membership Levels

The membership types are Beginner, Experienced and Alumni. If you have any questions about which membership is correct for you, please contact the committee before purchasing at

Beginner Membership

The Beginner Membership is designed for students who have never done archery before and therefore have never held membership with an archery governing body e.g. (AGB, EAF, EFAA, IFAA). The beginner’s course teaches basic archery techniques and safety whilst shooting.

As those who purchase this membership have not previously held membership with an archery governing body they must attend all of the 6 beginner’s course sessions. If this attendance requirement is not met you will not be allowed to continue training with the club and a refund will not be given.

This year's Beginners' Course will run on Mondays and Wednesdays for three weeks commencing on Monday 9th October.

Beginner membership entitles you to the three-week beginner’s course, use of club equipment for the year and regular training each week, indoors in the Winter, and outdoors in the Summer.

Experienced Membership

This membership is for students who have previously been a member of Loughborough Students Archery Club or those who have previously held membership with an archery governing body (e.g. AGB, EAF, EFAA, IFAA). Please note that you will need to have your own equipment.

Alumni Membership

This is an associative membership which is usually only available for University Staff or Alumni. This will not include Archery GB membership and requires membership through an external club. You will need to have completed a beginner’s course elsewhere before purchasing this membership.

Training Times

We hold 5 indoor sessions per week at the Tennis Centre during term 1 and 2.

We hold 4 outdoor sessions per week on Tower’s Pitch during term 3, these usually last for 4 hours. There is also 1 indoor session per week in the Tennis Centre during term 3 up until exam season.