The committee are responsible for the general running of the club, each with their own specific responsibilities as detailed below. Committee members are elected annually at the AGM towards the end of the spring term, with the exception of the Novice Reps who are elected at the start of the academic year.

If you would like to contact the committee, please email: The committee for 2022-23 is as follows:

Chair - Ben Evans

Ben is currently studying for a PhD in Mathematics, he originally joined the club in 2016 when studying for his undergraduate degree. Ben has been doing archery since 2012 but had stopped for about 2 years before starting again at university; he shoots recurve and has competed for the club at many events as part of the gents experienced recurve team. His achievements while competing for the club include: BUCS outdoors team gold, BUCS Indoors team silver, BUTC silver, BUCS Outdoor individual silver, BUTTS indoor champs H2H silver, and winning the the Countesthorpe triple. Ben has previously served on the committee as Equipment Officer (2017-18), Chair (2020-21) and Team Captain (2021-22).

The Chair's responsibilities include:

  • Chairing all meetings.
  • Attending AU meetings and county meetings.
  • Communicating with the union.
  • Acting as liaison between other archery clubs and other clubs within the AU.
  • Ensuring the general smooth running of the club.

Secretary - Haydn Lloyd

Haydn joined the club in 2021 as a novice, he is studying for a degree in Automotive Engineering and is currently in his second year. Haydn shoots recurve and has won 5 medals so far in his novice indoor season, he is also an enthusiastic hat wearer.

The Secretary's responsibilities include:

  • Writing agendas and minutes for meetings.
  • Maintaining the club's mailing lists.
  • Submitting membership forms to Archery GB.
  • Being the club's point of contact for AGB, EMAS and L&RCAA.

Treasurer - Rebecca Mears

Rebecca joined the club in 2020, she is studying for a degree in Maths and Economics and is currently in her second year. Rebecca shoots recurve and has previously served as Novice Rep 2020-21, this is her second year as Treasurer.

The Treasurer's responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the budget and private account.
  • Submitting the claim forms to the AU.
  • Communicating with the AU on all financial matters.
  • Deciding (with the committee) what to spend the club budget on.

Team Captain - Ellie Noble

Ellie joined the club in 2021 as a novice, she is a first year computer science student and shoots recurve. Ellie won a bronze medal at the BUTTS Indoor Champs.

The Team Captain's responsibilities include:

  • Selecting and entering teams for BUTTS and BUCS competitions.
  • Deciding (with committee) which external competition to enter.
  • Organising and booking transport for all competitions.
  • Organising accommodation (including reading the online reviews), if staying overnight.

Equipment Officer - Chris Cooper

Chris is a third year Sports Technology student, he joined the club in 2017. Chris started shooting in 2012; he shoots a recurve bow and has shot for Sussex county as a junior and senior archer, he was the Bronze medalist at the 2016 Junior National Championships and has held Sussex and Southern Counties titles in Target, Field, 3D and Clout. Within the club Chris won the 2021 BUCS Outdoor individual title and was part of the silver medal winning 2018 BUTC team. Chris has previously served as Equipment Officer from 2018-20, and is also a Level 1 Coach.

The Equipment Officer's Responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of all club equipment.
  • Auditing all club equipment at the beginning and end of the year.
  • Ensuring the equipment cupboard remains tidy and organised.
  • Deciding (with committee) what equipment to purchase each year.

Development Officer - Hari Patel

Hari joined the club in 2021 as a novice, he is currently in the first year of a Product Design and Technology course. Hari shoots recurve, he won a bronze medal at the BUCS Regional Qualifiers and qualified for the BUCS Indoor Finals.

The Development Officer's responsibilities include:

  • Bringing in new coaching opportunities
  • Developing plans/apps to make other Committee positions easier
  • Co-ordinating the long-term goals and aims of the club

Tournament & Records Officer - Martin Wrighton

Martin joined the club in 2021 as a novice, he is studying for a degree in Computer Science and is currently in his first year. He shoots recurve and won a Silver medal at BUTTS.

  • Organising any competitions hosted by the club, such as Loughborough BUTTS.
  • Organising internal competitions to help track novice progress and maintain interest.
  • Submitting scores to the e-league each month
  • Maintaining an accurate list of club records

Social Secretary - Katie Axup

Katie joined the club in 2021 as a novice, she is in the first year of a degree in Maths. Katie shoots longbow and won the gold medal at BUCS Indoors and BUTTS Ultimate Archer.

The Social Secretary's responsibilities include:

  • Organising the fresher's social.
  • Collecting the Hey Ewe Sheep Packs from the AU office each week.
  • Organising the post Loughborough BUTTS social.
  • Deciding (with committee) what other socials to organise throughout the year.

Media Officer - Lucy Hubbert

Lucy joined the club in 2021 as an experienced archer and is studying for a degree in Graphic Design. Lucy as been shooting for just under 10 years as a barebow archer, before switching to recurve when she joined LSAC. As a junior barebow archer she has won two silver trophies from the NFAS 3D National Championships.

The Media Officer's responsibilities include:

  • Managing the club's social media accounts.
  • Uploading photos/posts to social media.
  • Writing articles/match reports for Wow magazine.
  • Producing posters and other promotional content for events

Welfare Officer - Anna Symanowski

Anna joined the club in 2021 as a novice and shoots recurve, she is studying for a degree in Psychology and is currently in her first year. Anna won a gold medal at the first BUTTS leg of the year and a silver medal at the second leg.

The Welfare Officer's responsibilities include:

  • Acting as a liason between the club and the AU Welfare Team.
  • Promoting events orginased by the University/AU relating to welfare and diversity.
  • Dealing with welfare issues concerning individual members of the club.
  • Running events throughout the year to raise money for the club's chosen charities.

Novice Representatives - Charlotte Martin and Adam Pugh

Charlotte and Adam joined the club in 2021 as novices. Adam is a first-year student at the School of Design and Creative Arts, studying on the new Design (BA) course.

The Novice Representatives' Responsibilities include:

  • Representing the views of novices at committee meetings.
  • Gaining experience on the committee.
  • Assist the committee with the running of the club