Ex vs Current

The Ex vs Current competition is shot once a year in the Summer Term, usually in May. As the name suggests the purpose is for Ex members to come back and shoot against the Current students. The competition was originally shot in 2008 before becoming dormant for a few years. The competition was re-instated in 2014 and has been shot every year since.

Full Rules

  1. The Current team will be made up of archers who are both members of the club and registered students
  2. The Ex team will be made up of former members of the club, and current members who are not registered students (staff and alumni)
  3. Guests (archers who are neither a Current or Ex member of the club) may only shoot if there is a space available, as priority will be given to Current and Ex members. Please send your name to the Tournament Organiser and you be notified the day before if there is space. Guests will be required to pay a £3 entry fee; they will be eligible for individual medals, but not eligible to be a part of either team
  4. There will be up to 7 categories in which prizes will be awarded:
    • Ladies Recurve
    • Gents Recurve
    • Compound
    • Barebow Recurve
    • Longbow
    • Novice Ladies Recurve
    • Novice Gents Recurve
  5. Medals will be awarded on the following criteria:
    • 1st only if 1 or 2 archers compete in a category
    • 1st & 2nd if 3 or 4 archers compete in a category
    • 1st, 2nd & 3rd if 5 or more archers compete in a category
  6. A novice is an archer who has not shot (except "have a go’s" /summer camps etc) before the September in which the academic year commences.
  7. The round shot will be a National round (4 doz at 60y, 2 doz at 50y)
  8. One end of sighters to be allowed at the begining of the round only.
  9. A trophy, to be kept by the club, will be awarded to the team with the highest overall score
  10. The team scores shall be made up of the 4 highest scoring non-compound archers from each team

Winning Team

  • 2008 - Ex
  • 2009 - Ex
  • 2014 - Current
  • 2015 - Ex
  • 2016 - Ex
  • 2017 - Ex
  • 2018 - Current
  • 2019 - Ex
  • 2020 - COVID-19
  • 2021 - COVID-19
  • 2022 - Ex
  • 2023 - Ex