Competition Calendar

This calendar shows all competitions which are being attended by club members. Some are university shoots e.g. BUTTS, BUCS, etc. While the rest are external (non-university) competitions hosted by local clubs. If you are interested in attending any of the shoots, please speak to the Team Captain, email:

University Competitions

At university competitions (BUTTS, BUCS, BUTC) the team is selected by the Team Captain. Selection is based mainly on scores, commitment and enthusiasm. Entry fees for all university competitions are paid for by the club. Transport for all university competitions is organised by the club.

External Competitions

At external shoots, anyone is welcome to attend, although some of the early competitions are for experienced archers only, as novices won't have had enough practice to attend. Fees for external competitions are generally paid for by individual members, although the club will pay for a few throughout the year. Entry forms for most local shoots are available on the L&RCAA Website.


Event Date Cost
BUTC Sunday 31st March 2019 Hotel fees
Kettering Double Clout Sunday 7th April 2019 £8
LAOFAC Charity Shoot (Windsor) Sunday 14th April 2019 £5
CWAA and open Field Champs Sunday 14th April 2019 £10
Kirby WA1440 Sunday 28th April 2019 £15
Bowmen of Glen WA720 and H2H Saturday 11th May 2019 £20
Bowmen of Glen WA1440 Sunday 12th May 2019 £16
Ex vs Current Sunday 19th May 2019 N/A
LAOFAC York/Hereford/Nationals Monday 27th May 2019 £15 / £15 / £10
BUCS Outdoors Saturday 8th June 2019 N/A
BUCS Outdoors Head to Heads Sunday 9th June 2019 N/A
LRCAA Outdoor Championship York/Hereford/Nationals Sunday 4th August 2019 £15 / £15 / £10
Fosse Company of Archers Western Sunday 25th August 2019 £8.50