Dan Maskell Tennis Centre

During the Indoor Season (term 1 and 2), the club shoots on Court 1 of the Dan Maskell Tennis Centre. There are four two-hour sessions per week. At the start of term 1 in October the club runs the beginners course for new members in the DMTC. There is space for up to 9 bosses. The distance shot is normally 18m/20y, but the centre can accommodate up to 30m. The club continues to shoot indoors for one session per week during the Outdoor Season.

Towers Pitch

During the Outdoor Season (term 3) the club mainly shoots outdoors on Towers Pitch. There are four outdoor sessions per week, each lasting for around four hours. The field can accommodate shooting up to 90m/100y.

Edward Herbert Building

The club has access to Court 2 of the Edward Herbert Building (EHB) twice per week where members can work on technique by shooting at blank bosses at short distance. The club also shoots in the Dance Studio of the EHB during the exam period in January.